About SER

SER (Society for Educational Research) is a research centre registered under government of Kerala. It focuses on study and research in educational policies, educational reforms, educational issues and all other educational related matters at state level.

It seeks to access and analyzes the quality and development of educational sector in Kerala such as primary education, higher education, technical education and self financing education etc. It conducts professional development training programs for students and short term research methodology courses for research scholars.

Our Activities

Aims & Objectives

- To conduct research and analytics upon education field.

- To study educational reformations.

- To conducting language development programs

- To organize seminars, discussions, workshops and training programs in different topics.

About Marhama

The project entitled“A study on professional education in Kerala from 2001-2011” is an ongoing project of SER. This study tried to explore the problems and prospects of self financing education in Kerala during the last ten academic years.

Lets help to fulfill the dreams of our deserving brothers and sisters to make them smile and shine.

About SER

Chairman: Dr. Yaseen Ashraf
Vice-Chairman: Dr. Mahmood Shihab
Secretary: S Irshad

Society for Educational Research
Vidhyarthi Bhavanam,
U.K.S Road,
Phone : 9447091756, 9946664752